There are many critical issues facing our communities, our state, and our nation.


Over the past several decades we have seen a decline in the morals that once made our country stand above the rest. I want to go to Little Rock to be a voice for the principles that we still believe in in South Arkansas. I promise to always protect our unborn children and speak for those who have no voice to speak for themselves. I will also never waver in the fight for pro-family policies that allow people to live out their convictions without governmental intrusion.


Jobs and the economy

The most important issue for any community is the local economy and the jobs it provides. South Arkansas has many great advantages that should enable it to readily supply quality jobs to those who seek to work hard and provide for their families. Unfortunately today we have too much government interference, and this puts unnecessary strain on our businesses and working class citizens. As your Representative, I promise to promote policies that create a climate for economic growth and sustainable jobs.



Our tax code is too complex and often rewards those who work the system instead of those who work hard. The government has proven that it spends your money less effectively than you do, and I would rather keep the hard earned money of Arkansans in their own pockets where it belongs. Government takes in too much money and spends it too inefficiently. I will always work to spend our tax dollars more efficiently and more responsibly.



As a teacher and coach I have seen the positive impacts teachers and schools can have on our impressionable youth. These children will one day be the ones who carry our country forward. In South Arkansas we know that the best people to choose how our kids learn are the parents and local teachers- not a government bureaucrat in Little Rock or Washington, D.C. Things like Common Core are a one-size-fits-all system for children who all learn differently. I promise to always advocate for putting these types of crucial decisions back in the hands of the children's parents and local schools.


2nd Amendment rights

I believe that our constitution begins and ends any discussion on our right to bear arms. We are explicitly granted this right along with other inalienable rights such as the freedom of speech or freedom of religion. You can count on my voice to always speak FOR gun owners and NEVER give into those who seek to limit your ability to own or carry a firearm. By stating this right "shall not be infringed" our founders made it clear that this right is not open for interpretation. A free people should always have the ability to stand up to tyranny if the situation ever arose.